“We take pride in our long-term business relationships and we always try to meet all your requirements.”

About the company

Company profile

We are a purely Czech realization company operating for more than 21 years in the field of exhibits. Historically our company is renowned for its specialization in Latin America, which still remains important for us thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge of this territory.

So far we have realized 573 exhibits of various scopes. Our territorial specialization includes countries in South and Central America, South Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia. We focus mainly on mining, engineering, railroad, aviation, chemistry, and the electrotechnical and energy industries.

Our aim is most importantly to find a personal approach to each client, be it during the realization of exhibits or any other provided service. We provide turnkey services via full service. Our provided services do not include only building and removal of your exhibit; we offer much more.